Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tell Me.

I’ve always loved favourites.

What’s your favourite colour? Teal.
What’s your favourite thing to do? Create.  
What’s your favourite song? The Girl by City in Colour.

Daniel and I play this game a lot, asking each other favourites. Asking our friends their favourites, asking our friends kids their favourites. It’s lighthearted, it’s fun, it’s something we would have done with her, with our daughter, with Quinn.

Now, we imagine her favourites. I think we do a pretty good job.

What’s her favourite colour? Purple.
What’s her favourite thing to do? Giggle.  
What’s her favourite song? The Girl, by City in Colour.

It’s our “family thing”. You know. You have a family thing too.

Today, I ask you, what’s your favourite thing about Quinn? Tell me what you remember. Tell me what you loved about her. Even if you never got to see her sweet face, if you know me, you knew her while she was growing inside of me. You got glimpses of her too. What was your favourite?

My favourite thing was Quinn and her Daddy. She had him so wrapped around her little finger from day one. She would hear his deep voice and go giddy with joy inside of me. I can just imagine her flinging herself into his arms when he got home from work each day, a gleeful "Daddy!" singing from her lips, so like his. I remember telling several people how excited I was to see Daniel with his baby for the first time. He's such a proud papa. Such a good papa. My favourite.
P.S. I'm making her a baby book. These sentiments will be included. Only share if you wish. 


  1. Too many but here are a few: My favourite was what her smile would have looked like. With those perfectly curved rosebud lips her smile would be infectious. Also her mommas nose. She looks so much like you dee but her nose ecpecially is a replica! Finally I know she would be the most adorable stubborn 4 year old. I picture her stompping her feet and looking way too cute doing it that anyone would just give in to what she wants! Love her, think of her daily, and will never forget her. -Becky

  2. My favorite thing about Quinn...where to start. She had the cutest mouth and she would give grandma the biggest smile and kisses but she would have the biggest smile for her grandpa. Cuddling up on his lap as they would read a book together and listen to her giggle as grandpa tickled her with his whiskers. Those perfect fingers would find the piano keys fun because they made noise and later on she would take lessons and be excited to share the songs she learned. She would love music. I loved her feet and I know she would have loved to dance and twirl around. Gandpa and I will never forget her. We love her and a day never goes by that we don't think of her and what she would become. Love you so much sweet angel. Grandma Z

  3. I will always remember the weight of her in my arms. My baby's baby. A little mini DeeDee. Ok, a little Daniel too-those feet! MY GRANDDAUGHTER! Wearing that cute little outfit Great Grandma had fun buying for her. Wrapped up in love in Grandma Z's hand crocheted blanket. I was SO glad I got to hold her, to rock her, to sing her "Masterpiece". Those hours we had with her were indeed very precious. I marvel at the mystery of how we can love so much something so small.

  4. Her perfect little mouth...I think her first work would have been mama for sure!
    And watching you transform. I saw you become a mother. The moment you saw your daughter for the first time is a look emblazoned in my memory forever.

  5. You don't know me and Daniel may barely remember me, but I got to know Miss Quinny through her GG Kay. My favorite thing is to imagine her little 2 year old self at their place. Their joy at having her visit. Her sticky fingers and stuck-together curls while eating GG Kay's cinnamon buns. Her dozing off on Daddy's shoulder when your little family stays late to chat. And her sweet drowsy little good bye when it's finally time to go home.

    Lynette T.

  6. I loved seeing the way Quinn impacted you and changed you Deanne. I remember the afternoon I spent with you the day before she was born. This was the first time I got to see your really pregnant, beautiful belly, your safe place to carry Quinn. I could see how you had changed. She gave you a serenity in you that I had never seen in you before (I don't want you to think I saw you as up tight - that's not what I mean) but you were just so at peace, so calm, so incredibly happy and Quinn brought that out in you. I believe that's what she would have strove for in her life, bringing out the best in others. When I think of her in your family I picture her being your helper in the kitchen, baking with you and making a big mess with flour. I picture her playing at the park with Daniel, chasing each other all over the play ground, laughing and embracing her daddy. Quinn will always be loved and never forgotten!

  7. Deanne and Daniel,

    I feel as though everything about little Quinn is love. I never met her, but I feel that she gave you the gift of the love of a child. She is incredibly special. I can tell by the way you talk about her, and the way others talk about her, and how she brings feelings to everyone that has known her or known about her. Quinn will never be forgotten, and she is still exuding her love today. She even gets the help of Jesus to do that for us all and that is so amazing. She is a little powerhouse this Quinny of yours. She's still changing the world with her love and I think that will never stop. You have been immensely blessed by this little girl, of that there is no question.

    -Melissa B.


  8. I imagine thinking about your mommy and daddy coming over for “Peroghies” and farmer sausage with this little bundle of joy in your car seat. I could hardly wait until they put you down so I could hold you and give you a little peck on the cheek and feel your soft skin next to mine. When you needed to sleep I would hold you in my arms and rock you sitting on my favourite rocker and hum “Jesus Loves Me” and you would drift off into Dreamland”.

    When you were older I would haul out the toys that your daddy played with and read you stories about the “Three little pigs” and of course, stories about how Jesus loves the little children. We loved you as soon as your giggling mommy and daddy told us that you were on the way. We love you and will never forget you “Our little Quinn”, God's garden is more beautiful with another rose bud. Love, Great Grandma V.