Friday, October 22, 2010

Buffet Pants

So I know I promised you all a headboard...
 but I'm having issues finishing it.
Deal with it. 

Instead, I have for you my latest pride and joy. 
Unfortunately I seem to have lost my mind and I forgot to take a good before photo. Here is a little glimpse at it from a picture taken during a ladies clothing exchange.

Sidenote: the awesome people at No Waste Wednesdays have a blog entry about clothing exchanges and how to run your own written by my very own just-got-her-first-grown-up-job sister! Can you tell I'm a little bit proud? 
Thriftiness runs in the family. That's a story for another day.
 I hope I influenced her. 
You can read all about it here
Then you can go here and find some crocheted goods made by dearest Jenni-foo-foo, and yes, only I am allowed to call her that. 

Bringing it back in...
So this little beauty was found again on my friend Craig's list. It was a steal of a deal at $100, however was located in Richmond and I could not convince The Husband to drop everything and drive. 
Luckily, my dear friend's Mommy was kind enough to pick it up for me and store it at her house until I could convince him to leave the safety of our home. 
It was a lovely shade of...wood, but the top had some major damage to it so out came the paint! 
I primed with this:
waterbased primer = easy clean-up!

using this:
foam roller = no ugly brushstrokes left behind

and then painted 2 coats of this in Benny Moore Woodlawn Blue:
Ok, ok so this is an old label. The can looked different
Lifemaster = environmentally friendly. Even preggos can paint with it!

To add a little pizazz (that's an odd word to spell), I painted the trim in some leftovers I had from painting my cupboards. I believe the colour was Deerfeather by GP and it was in Dulux Diamond Semi-Gloss (p.s. best paint you can get).

Then I coated it all in this to protect:

and drumroll please.... This

is what it turned out to be!

I kept the handles and pulls from the old guy to make it especially vintage. 

Average price of a similar style buffet/sideboard from Pottery Barn: $1100
Craig's List buffet/sideboard: $100 + gas to pick it up

Total monies saved: $1000

I am quite proud.

p.s. My artsiness does not translate to one area and that is photography. Please pardon the shoddiness of my pictures. 


  1. What's up with the prego comment? Did I miss something?

  2. Thanks for the free advertising. It seems that you win for you have more followers in a month than I have collected in a year. Thanks. BY the way, buffet looks fab!

  3. Sweet Deanne! it looks great! is this in your house somewhere? where did you put it?

  4. Deed, when do you have time for these projects? It looks wonderful!

  5. Deanne do you know why you love me, o.k. I'll tell you. Dominique reads title of blog, Dominique thinks oh Deanne got new pants, Dominique looks at picture and thinks "I love Deanne, only she would have the confidence to put a picture of her butt in her new pants", Dominique continues to read and scroll down and finally realizes the blog is not a about pants it's about the buffet, Dominique call's Labour and dilvery at RUH and asks if she left her brain there. Deanne wonders why her friend is so cool. The Buffet looks amazing and I am an idiot :)

  6. Connie - no pregos live here... yet...

    Sam - yep, tis in my kitchen in the little nook under the window on the far wall.

    Dom - You make me laugh. Out loud. At 11:43 at night.

  7. here from Better After...great redo! I'm following to pressure you to do even more! lol

  8. Here from Better After too......I love it ~ you did a great job :)

  9. Here from Better After. Stunning makeover!

  10. Here from Better After. What a great job you did! Fresh and inspiring!

  11. dee! you're so popular! i'm so excited three of the sisters have a crafty blog! time to convince hannah to get on it.

  12. Here from Better After. Great job!! Love the color, especially since it reminds me of Spring!!

  13. I'm here from better after too! I love that color blue, I have a craigslist buffet that I've been arguing with for over a year. Someday I will defeat it!

  14. You have inspired me to reuse my dresser as a Buffett. No free alley furniture for my neighbors, this time. Great Job!