Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Craig Is My Best Friend

Whoever Craig is, I really like his list.
A couple of months ago, I scored some barstools for only $30 for the pair. They looked like this: 

Let's jazz them up a bit, shall we?
The covers were removable, so I took em off and spray painted the bottom a glossy black. 
Then I tried to dye the white covers a lovely robin's egg blue with some Rit Dye. 
Bad Idea.
UGLY was the result:

a bad tye-dye job
 So I took a trip to my happy place, Fabricana, ripped those covers right apart with my trusty seam ripper... and used them as a pattern to make new ones!

Lay the old pieces out on the new fabric, right sides together. Don't make the mistake I did, cut the pieces slightly larger for a little bit of lee-way room.  

Remember to number the pieces!
 I found an adorable pattern in an indoor/outdoor fabric which makes for extremely washable and durable covers (great for my future Dugger-sized family). Sew them up the same way you took them apart!

And the result: 

There's even velcro tabs to secure it to the frame!

Now come over and sit your behind down in one of them. Deliciously cozy. 

Some of you may be thinking, "Deanne, your house must be a-shambles because of all the crafting you do!" Well... it is. But I try to clean up. And I have my very own crafty lady room where I'm allowed to be as messy as I want, The Husband said so. So here it is in its messy entirety. This is the place of my inspiration...
or so the sign says...

It needs more decor, no?

Here's a game. Spot all the times of thriftyness and... feel awesome about yourself. 


  1. I remember seeing thsoe stools when Jon and I stayed there :)
    They look great Deanne!!!
    and P.S. I LOVE your house and everything in it!!

  2. Hello Deanne,

    It appears we are kindred spirits! I too enjoy a good second hand haul, unfortunately I don't have any before photos of my projects but you have inspired me to start taking better record. I received a new dresser from Mr. Kijiji for $30, it's waiting for its makeover in my garage, i'll let you know how it goes.
    Also, wondering if you have had any experience with making a headboard for a bed? It's on my project to-do list but was wondering if you have any tips? I've read up on the internet but it's always great to hear first hand.

    Your shabby-chic friend, Tessa

  3. Hello Tessa,
    It appears so!
    You are in luck. I made an upholstered headboard for our bed that I'm in love with and it was very simple. I will post the instructions for it soon!

  4. Your are fabulous and inspirational. Right now I'm big on selling things on that list Craig has - perhaps I should be better at buying from that list...

  5. Love them Deed!
    Your crafty Mother

  6. I love those chairs so much I want to marry them.